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Recycling released concrete Positive picture of the future thanks to new concrete recycling methods
Published on May, 23rd 2022 There are plenty of opportunities in the circular economy for concrete. Although the profit is greatest from the reuse of buildings or constructions, the best-known example is still the reuse of concrete rubble as granulate in new concrete. But the latter does not always result in a reduction of CO2 emissions. However, new recycling methods can significantly increase the quality and replacement percentage of the granulate and create more opportunities with regard to CO2 reduction.

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Heijmans creates circular concrete circle in Amsterdam - Betonhuis Heijmans creates circular concrete circle in Amsterdam
Published on May, 23rd 2022 The Concrete Agreement visits frontrunners from the concrete industry and concrete construction. This time Simone Bel van Betonhuis is present at Heijmans. She examines the pouring of circular concrete at the new underpass at Contactweg in Amsterdam. This project draws the attention of Betonhuis through the application of this innovative circular concrete mixture in a reinforced concrete construction component that separates the road from the cycle path. Betonhuis is working together with the Concrete Agreement to further develop frontrunner stories.

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BnB Demonstration Day - Innovative concrete recycling technologies 7th of February 2022 - The online BnB Demonstration Day
Published on January, 24th 2022 In the BnB project, innovative concrete recycling technologies are demonstrated to 1) better separate concrete into cement fines and aggregates (SmartCrusher technology) and 2) regenerate the binding capacity of the hardened cement fines (Microwave technology).

You can participate in this online event. You can register via the registration form.

View the detailed information and invitation. More information about the project and the event can be found at:

The SmartCrusher 2.0 at work
Published on December, 13th 2021 An impression of the SmartCrusher 2.0 at work. The pre-crushed concrete rubble goes into the SmartCrusher, resulting in the gravel and the sand-cement fraction.
The new SmartCrusher SC 2.0 The new SmartCrusher SC 2.0
Published on December, 15th 2020 In close consultation with "launching customer" Fa. Rutte (SCP and Urban Mine) from the Megapool Amsterdam, SmartCrusher BV has put the finishing touches to the SlimBrekers 2 / SmartCrushers 2 (SC2) (or SmartLiberator as it is called at Rutte).

The SC2 is intended to free all fractions from traditional pre-crushed concrete rubble, and that at approximately 40 tons per hour.

After several test runs, the latest SC2 has been found ready for the market!

Do you want to contribute to a better environment with SmartCrusher and also make a good investment?

Read the full news item here. ( Nihongohan (guguru keiyu) wa kochira)

New Horizon is looking for 10 locations in the Netherlands to roll out revolutionary concrete processing technology
New Horizon is looking for 10 locations in the Netherlands to roll out revolutionary concrete processing technology
Published February 8 2021 New Horizon (specialist in urban mining) is looking for ten strategic locations in the Netherlands where the company itself wants to invest in so-called urban mines. At these locations it is possible - with the help of the Smart Liberator technology - to return concrete from the region to the original components sand, cement and gravel. After recovery, the original raw materials can be fully processed into new concrete. This leads to a significant CO2 reduction of at least 60% and substantially reduces the environmental burden.

Note: SmartCrusher does not wait until 2024 and is now internationally exploring international collaborations with local partners.

Read the full message here (in Dutch)

SmartCrusher in the Betoniek September 2020
Betoniek - Reclaiming cement from concrete
Updated December, 9th 2020 We can reuse concrete rubble by granulating and packing it as a sand and gravel substitute. You can also use modern techniques a very fine fraction rich in cement stone recovered. For this fraction to be sustainable and circular applications, ideally as a binder in concrete. The The question here is: can we use cement or a cement substitute make it?

Without mentioning the leader SmartCrusher, we can already answer a few questions; Yes, new reactive binder can be made in the powder phase. This means that it can be done at a much lower temperature and without having to grind.

It is interesting to read that the main cement mineral Aliet C3S is already formed from cement hydrates between 800°C and 900°C. This means that the cement can be made active in the powder phase.

It should be noted that the research, described in this Betoniek, is on recycling of "modern concrete" from after 2000. In contrast to the concrete described in Betoniek March 1983 (in Dutch) nowadays the cement used is much finer ground. Today's cement is more like the cement "pc-B" in Betoniek 1983, fig 4. For this reason the harvested, non-hydrated cement is lower. Fortunately, most concrete rubble is from long before 2000 and, if dried concrete is processed, a lot of "new cement" can be released. And with the rule of thumb: one kg of Portland cement = one kg of CO2, that is a huge difference.

Read the complete article in the Betoniek from September 2020 (in Dutch)

Concrete recycling with the Smart Liberator on the Urban Mine
Published on May, 15th 2020 A video in collaboration with the Province of North Holland about the Smart Liberator and the sustainable process used on our Urban Mine. Rick Rutte and Sven Hiskemuller van der Zijden explain in less than two minutes the impact they want and can make with this innovation!
Since November 1, Alef Schipper is no longer working for SmartCrusher. For questions and information you can contact us via Koos Schenk, and by telephone via +31 6 222 63 487
Circular Award Business 2019 - Winner Category Construction Winner Circular Award Business 2019 - Category Construction
Published on February, 22nd 2019 In a competition with more than 120 registrations and extensive jury meetings, SmartCrusher has been chosen as -for the second time in a row- the winner in the Construction category.
The competition between Construction, Consumption Goods, Plastics, Biomass & Food and Manufacturing Industry has been won by Auping mattresses.

Information about the Circular Awards (in Dutch)

A comparison between various methods of breaking Sand Comparator - A comparison between various methods of breaking
Published on January, 23rd 2019 In this comparator new concrete sand, sand from the SmartCrusher and traditional breaker sand are compared. You can view and compare the various photos yourself. Grains with a size ranging from 0.5mm to 0.039mm can be compared.

Download the Comparator.

Revenue Calculation for investing in the SmartCrusher Calculate your revenue when investing in SmartCrusher
Modified on July 29, 2021 Do you want to contribute to a better environment with SmartCrusher and also make a good investment?

Using the calculation model below you can determine what an investment means. You can use the calculation model to enter and adjust your required data to generate an overview of the revenue.

Note: The advice is to open the spreadsheet on your computer for the ease of editing the data because of the protected elements in the spreadsheet.

Interested in opportunities or questions? Please contact us via Koos Schenk via or call +31 6 222 63 487.

Download the calculation spreadsheet

Real Estate Innovation Award 2018 SmartCrusher wins the Real Estate Innovation Award 2018
Published on October, 10th 2018 In a competition with 700 start-ups from all over Europe Michel Baars from our partner New Horizon Urban Mining on behalf ofRutte Groep and SmartCrusher was allowed to pitch and won. Both the public and the professional jury made it very exciting during the EXPO REAL (Messe Munchen).

View the information about the Real Estate Innovation Network & EXPO REAL

fully electrical processing, for example in several Microwave ovens Microwave heating
Published on October, 5th 2018 Re-cementing pure cement hydrates from the SmartCrusher is mainly a matter of heating, and thus a matter of energy. Chemically speaking, hardly anything has changed over the years. From pure cement hydrates this can be done with 30% to 50% less energy compared to CaCO3 (Marl) and with at least 80 less CO2 in existing cement kilns.

In the case of fully electrical processing, for example in a number of Microwave furnaces, this can amount to almost CO2 free new cement! Several Microwave ovens then also form a Gridleveler to match supply and demand of wind and solar energy.

Watch the movie (German language) with more information about the use of microwave ovens

SmartCrusher in KIJK Magazine 2018-09 SmartCrusher in KIJK Magazine 2018 edition September
Published on September, 4th 2018 A section of technical masterpieces from Dutch companies in the Dutch KIJK Magazine. This month in NederTech the Smart Liberator.

Read the full (Dutch) article

Agreement Concrete SmartCrusher bv signs the agreement on concrete.
Published on August, 4th 2018 SmartCrusher bv was, as a participant of the very first hour, actively involved in both the table "CO2" and at the table "Recycling". Although SmartCrusher wanted to go further in the objectives, the result can be seen as a good start.

More (Dutch) information about the concrete agreement on

(Photo: Sebastiaan ter Burg, CC BY 2.0)

TimeLapse "Construction of the SmartCrusher"
Published on June, 22nd 2018 A timelapse of the construction of the first life size SmartCrusher. In a period of time of 6 weeks the SmartCrusher has been built, its software implemented and after fine tuning successfully delivered.

As published earlier this SmartCrusher is now fully operational under the name of Smart Liberator.

Solid partnership SmartCrusher with Rutte Groep
Solid partner for SmartCrusher - Proud of collaboration with the Rutte Groep
Published on June 8th, 2018 We are pleased to announce that SmartCrusher has found a solid partner in the Rutte Groep. An excellent cooperation with the Rutte Groep and New Horizon Urban Mining for the deployment of the SmartCrusher.

Michel Baars (NewHorizon), André Kuipers and Youri Rutte (Rutte Groep) at the presentation of Freement
Left to right: Michel Baars (NewHorizon), André Kuipers and
Youri Rutte (Rutte Groep) at the presentation of Freement
During the Provada - with support from astronaut André Kuipers - the Smart Liberator is launched. "We literally take value from concrete", says Michel Baars (owner of New Horizon Urban Mining)

In recent weeks, many news items have been dedicated to the Smart Liberator.

  1. (Dutch) news reports at RTL 4 News (starts at 17m:53s), NH Media (AT5) and De Telegraaf.
  2. English article in de Ingenieur and Dutch articles in NRC, de Volkskrant, FD, Trouw and Kijk Magazine.
SmartCrusher technology in Concrete-to-Concrete Interreg project. SmartCrusher technology in Concrete-to-Concrete Interreg project
Published March, 10th 2018 Within the Interreg Flanders-Netherlands project "Concrete to high-quality Concrete", which started in March 2018, the SmartCrusher technology plays an important role, to make new concrete from concrete rubble.

Within this collaborative project with various Belgian and Dutch partners will be examined, among other things, how the materials (especially the cement hydrate) released from the Smart Crushing of concrete can be further upgraded by processing it with microwaves to reuse in new concrete.

The Circular Award Construction 2018 SmartCrusher wins the Circular Award Construction 2018
Published January 22, 2018 On 15 January the presentation of the transition agendas '(Dutch site) The Netherlands Circular in 2050' took place. The winners were also announced for the Circular Awards. SmartCrusher was heralded the winner of the Circular Award Construction 2018

Led by jury chairman Prof. Dr. Louise Vet (NIOO-KNAW) and an expert jury, SmartCrusher was proclaimed winner Circular Award Construction 2018. The jury consisting of 7 more renowned experts in the field of circularity, namely:

  • Emmo Meijer (figurehead of Top Sector Chemistry)
  • Fried Kaanen (chairman of Metaalunie)
  • Anne-Marie Rakhorst (entrepreneur, investor and publicist in the field of sustainability)
  • Kees Veerman (Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management)
  • Bart Bleijerveld (co-founder Better Future Factory, DJ100)
  • Jos Keurentjes (chairman of the Plastics transition team, Chief Scientific Officer of TNO)
  • Elphi Nelissen (chairman of the Construction transition, professor of building sustainability and dean of TU / e Faculty of Architecture, director of Nelissen Ingenieursbureau BV and chairman of SER-Brabant)
Read the full article
Ambitious climate action with circular economy - Presentation slides SmartCrusher called one of the needed Game Changers at the UN climate conference (COP23) in Bonn
Updated January 25th, 2018 In November 2017 a presentation is given by Jelmer Hoogzaad from Shifting Paradigms and Matthieu Bardout from Circle Economy at the UN climate conference (COP23) in Bonn. In this presentation SmartCrusher (report page 28) is called one of the much needed Game Changers.

In the section publications the presentation Ambitious climate action with circular economy can be downloaded.

Also read the report "Global Circularity Gap"

Cement Online - Claimed CO2 absorption by concrete incorrect Article "Claimed CO2 absorption by concrete incorrect" published on Cement Online
Updated March 7, 2017 The article "Claimed CO2 absorption by concrete incorrect" written by SmartCrusher is published on Cement Online (in Dutch).

In the section publications the article "Claimed CO2 absorption concrete incorrect" can be downloaded.

In November 2016 the Dutch newspaper NRC published the article (in Dutch) Concrete disrupts the CO2 records.

SmartCrusher - Presentations - Constructive sustainability 2.0 SmartCrusher - Presentations - Constructive sustainability 2.0
Updated May 11, 2018 Alef Schippers and Koos Schenk tell all about the SmartCrusher method of green concrete recycling.

A presentation held at the (Dutch) Sounding Board Meeting: Theme Circular Economy of the (Dutch) Sustainable Supplier Juni 21st, 2016. Presented among others for the anteagroup and Movaris.

Previous presented on Netwerk Betonketen (in Dutch) and earlier at VNConstructeurs (in Dutch). In the section publications the most recent version (2018) of the English presentation can be downloaded.

SmartCrusher 0-2 versus Norm sand Strength development Smart Crusher sand and cement.
Published April 3, 2016 In November 2014 mortar tests have been carried out in cooperation with / at a concrete-products company regarding 0-2 mm material (sand and cement fractions), obtained by using the SmartCrushing technique from concrete aggregates of concrete paving stones. This 0-2 mm material (in a way SmartCrusher sand) has been compared with (pure) Norm sand 0-2mm.

In the section publications the report on the comparison can be found.
New report Closed-loop Economy New report "Closed-loop Economy"
Published December 5, 2015 In the section publications a new report is included, published by Leiden University and TU Delft: Closed-loop Economy
A new report and presentation on Circular Construction Published September 4, 2015 A new report and presentation on Circular Construction is now available under the section publications. Thanks to ABN-Amro and circle economy.
Photo with the winners of the ASN Bank World Price 2014 Winner of the ASN Bank World Prize 2014.
Published December 4, 2014 SmartCrusher is the winner of the ASN Bank World Prize 2014. Theme: Renewable energy, nature and environment. Read more on
SmartCrusher in Dutch newspaper "de Volkskrant".
Published November 25, 2014 An article about SmartCrusher is published. "Crush concrete without CO2 burden", by Jeroen Trommelen - De Volkskrant. Read the Dutch article online at
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