Latest SmartCrusher SC2 is ready for the market
Published on 15 december 2020

In close consultation with "launching customer" Fa. Rutte (SCP and Urban Mine) from the Megapool Amsterdam, SmartCrusher BV has put the finishing touches to the SlimBrekers 2 / SmartCrushers 2 (SC2) (or SmartLiberator as it is called at Rutte).

After several test runs, the latest SC2 has been found ready for the market!

The SC2 consists of 3 modular stackable parts that are connected together by means of 6 "twistlocks". The heaviest part of the SC2 is less than 30 tons. With the right preparation, the entire SC2 can be set up and connected in less than a day.

The SC2 is intended to free all fractions from traditional pre-crushed concrete rubble, and that at approximately 40 tons per hour. That means; Clean gravel, free from mortar and cement, Clean sand, free from cement fractions.

All the comparisons from the SC1 can be found in the sand comparator on this site. (Download the Comparator.)

We will publish the results of the SC2 as soon as possible, but it will come as no surprise that they are a lot better than the ones already shown on the SC1. During the development of the SC2 a lot of attention has been paid to user and maintenance friendliness. For example, accessibility to, but also in, the SC2 has been optimized. For example, the wearing parts are equipped with a wear indicator that the SC2 automatically switches off and thus prevents serious damage if wear parts are worn through.

Photos: From machine builder to test setup

The recent test runs were carried out on various traditional pre-crushed concrete rubble flows.

The input at the top of the SC2 in the video shown is traditional pre-crushed concrete rubble with Norwegian granite 4-30 mm of high concrete quality. So an input without crushing sand !! As mentioned earlier, the capacity found is approximately 40 tons per hour.

The output (in the video) clearly shows that the SC2 completely liberates the angular Norwegian granite and releases an enormous amount of sand with cement.

Complete liberation of concrete rubble 4-30 mm with Norwegian granite.

Again with normal construction concrete rubble.

The cement and sand can be realized with traditional separation techniques, such as with sieves and air classifiers. This large amount of reclaimed cement and cement hydrate paves the way for making CO2 free cement !!

Betoniek (in Dutch) September 2020 is indeed about traditional techniques, so not about SC, but we have also found the results shown regarding cement: At 800 ℃ - 900 ℃ reactive cement can be made from cement hydrate !! At this 'low' temperature, compared to 1450 ℃ with primary cement making, there is still powder heating without significant sintering / becoming viscous. Reactive cement is formed without having to be ground afterwards !!

Various market parties and universities are now busy researching the required heating of cement hydrate, including with microwave techniques. See the video below.

Multiple Microwave ovens as Gridleveler
Calculate your revenue when investing in SmartCrusher Calculate your revenue when investing in SmartCrusher
Do you want to contribute to a better environment with SmartCrusher and also make a good investment?

Using the calculation model below you can determine what an investment means. You can use the calculation model to enter and adjust your required data to generate an overview of the revenue.

Note: The advice is to open the spreadsheet on your computer for the ease of editing the data because of the protected elements in the spreadsheet.

If recycling companies are interested, please contact Koos Schenk: or call +31 6 222 63 487.

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