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SmartCrusher bv has developed a technique for recovering the sand, the gravel and the cement from concrete.

Information about this technique is shown and explained in the video.

From Design of ‘The Next Generation’ of Economical and Ecological Equipment
to Delivery and Maintenance

Sustainable Concrete Recycling - c2c - With the SmartCrusher

SmartCrusher bv's goal is to reach: Climate neutral circular building in its broadest sense.

The SmartCrusher not only makes it possible to create almost climate neutral new concrete from concrete waste. Right now, also the quality and economical aspects (even without calculating the tender benefits and tax advantages) of the SmartCrusher technologies are definitely advantageous.

In addition to the existing SmartCrusher (crushing/milling) technology, additional technologies are under development that will make concrete completely 100% circular.

Read more about Concrete and the Environment. SmartCrusher as the solution, read why.

SmartCrusher in KIJK Magazine 2018-09 SmartCrusher in KIJK Magazine 2018 edition September
Published on September, 4th 2018 A section of technical masterpieces from Dutch companies in the Dutch KIJK Magazine. This month in NederTech the Smart Liberator.
SmartCrusher unfortunately not at the last 25 of the Green Challenge 2018
Published on August, 4th 2018 This year SmartCrusher competed for the prize money from the Green Challenge Lottery 2018 to fund further research. Unfortunately, we are not among the last 25 of the 845 participants. Fortunately, the last 25 are very good ideas where the money will certainly also be well spent. To participate in this challenge a video pitch of two minutes was required.

View the pitch of SmartCrusher.
Agreement Concrete SmartCrusher bv signs the agreement on concrete.
Published on August, 4th 2018 SmartCrusher bv was, as a participant of the very first hour, actively involved in both the table "CO2" and at the table "Recycling". Although SmartCrusher wanted to go further in the objectives, the result can be seen as a good start.

More (Dutch) information about the concrete agreement on

(Photo: Sebastiaan ter Burg, CC BY 2.0)

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Concrete to high-quality concrete. In this project, an installation is being built in the border region to process concrete debris into the original cement, sand and gravel components (SmartCrusher technology). The hydrated cement is regenerated in a microwave oven. This way, new high quality concrete can be made from concrete rubble. Fiber-reinforced concrete will also be developed to limit material consumption.

Rutte Groep The deployment of the SmartCrusher. SmartCrusher has found a solid partner in the Rutte Group. An excellent cooperation with the Rutte Group and New Horizon Urban Mining for the deployment of the SmartCrusher. The SmartCrusher is used for all the concrete released during the dismantling of buildings within New Horizon projects.
CSR Netherlands

SmartCrusher BV is an active partner of CSR Netherlands. As a partner we are striving towards corporate social responsibility. It is our belief that together we can make a difference. See the website CSR Netherlands for our CSR ambitions and our progress.

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